Gasthof Graf in Steingaden
Gasthof Graf in Steingaden
Gasthof Graf in Steingaden
Gasthof Graf in Steingaden
Gasthof Graf in Steingaden
Gasthof Graf in Steingaden

Product philosophy

Dear guests!

We are happy to cook specialties for you from Bavarian cuisine. We are happy to use the best quality products from our region.


Meat & sausage products

We get our products mainly from the Steingaden village butcher, who is supplied by farmers from Steingaden and some neighbouring communities. Our chef Albert, also a trained master butcher, prepares from this meat our tasty dishes.



Hunters bring us fresh meat from the surrounding forests.



We prefer to prepare fish that come from the surrounding lakes and rivers. We work with the Steingaden fish shop.



Like our King Ludwig cheese, we buy cheese in the Schönegger Käsealm, which is made from fresh hay milk.


Bakery products

All high-quality products without preservatives and food additives, such as the King Ludwig bread, from the bakery on the market square.
We bake our cakes and tarts with organic spelt flour.



We get eggs primarily from local farmers who keep their hens free-range and provide them with the best feed. These eggs are then used, for example, for our spaetzle, diverse desserts, our cakes and tarts.


Jam and honey

Jams for breakfast are always homemade; Mr. Gollwitzer from the Ilgen district supplies us with honey.



Has been supplied by the Schlossbrauerei Kaltenberg for around 100 years.


Mineral water

We get it from the particularly low-sodium Albertus source in Dasing, it is DLG-awarded and has the “very good” eco-test seal.


Coffee specialties

We prepare it from fresh ground beans, from Fair Trade.


Fine Schnapser´l

We offer it from the Lantenhammer distillery in the beautiful Schliersee.

As you can see, our company is deeply rooted in our homeland, so it is not surprising that many of our suppliers have been friends for years - friends we know, friends we trust.